Agressive and bold technical skills.
A supple and strong core mentality.
An aesthetic sensibility that is continuously to be sharpened in harmony with nature.

It is time for this country to return to its unique strength.

We want to bring the best of beauty and technology to spread Japan's beautiful strength to the world once again.

The noble energy and pride of Japan.
A time when the beautiful life force is aroused.

That's why we want to use our technology and knowledge to take this as far as we possibly can.


"TÁNVI" was born from the combination of the two words:
"Tanbi(耽美)", which means to be intoxicated with beauty and
"Vanguard", which means to be a leader of the next technological innovation. 

"TÁNVI" is being a pioneer of SUPREME BEAUTY across the world 



Skin Care/Hair & Body Care


Supreme Collection

Meticulously blended aromatic ingredients that will relieve your life force


Scent is an important factor in bringing out the vitality of life,
and that is where our strong commitment comes in.

The TÁNVI SUPREME lineup contains aromatic ingredients reminiscent of a rich forest.

We have designed the scent so that every time you use it,
it will switch your mind and inspire positive action.


Supreme Collection

Cutting-edge ingredients to approach beauty from every angle


Contains a high concentration of various cutting-edge ingredients, including
Human Stem Cell Cultured Liquid, an active ingredient used in regenerative medicine
that activates cells and strongly promotes skin regeneration
NMN, which works against all skin problems,
NcPA, which leads to moisturized and beautiful skin.

TÁNVI pursues beauty from a scientific perspective as well.

Organic recipes from selected plants

Luxurious blend of rare organic plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, and other natural ingredients.

It cares for damaged hair and scalp while nurturing smooth and bouncy hair from the roots.
In addition, plant-derived extracts that prevent the skin from drying out help maintain the skin in its best condition.


Supreme Collection

Developed original patented technology、
Enables beauty that could not reached before

TÁNVI has developed its own special penetration technology, TÁNVI Nano Permeation Technology, which is able to deliver effective ingredients with high molecular structures deep into the stratum corneum when and where they are needed and in the right amounts. By remaking the technology that Japan is proud of, we will explore further beauty.

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